Manage all your products in one place.

From development to deployment, you don't need to worry about where all your devices are hosted. Obvious enables a streamlined experience, all within the same place.

  • obvous. feature switches
    A master switch for feature management.
    Decide which features you want available for your device and when. At the flip of a switch, enable features to be purchased or allow them to be provisioned to the device.
  • obvous. device visibiltiy and settings
    Full visibility across all devices.
    Need to check which devices have features activated? Just enter the serial number and you have full access for that specific device and can decide whether you want them on or off.
  • obvous. device firmare and groups
    Modularize your processes.
    Make sure you don’t accidentally flash development software onto live products. With groups, we help you make sure everything stays neatly separated. A live product group? Sure! Need to test firmware? There’s a group for that! Don’t get caught up in the details and continue to create great features.
  • obvous. firmware workspace
    De-clutter your “workspace”.
    Things are just easier to find when they’re organized. We do that with all your firmware releases. Every version created is all stored neatly with release notes in our secure server ensuring it’s backed up so you don’t lose anything.
  • obvous catalog item
    Create your catalogue.
    We allow you to decide whether or not you want ot charge for firmware features separately or packaged together. We have built that infrastructure that will be there when you’re ready to use it.
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